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Our Products

Royal Propolis 1000mg 100 caps
DescriptionPropolis can be considered as one of nature’s miracle; it is a pure and organic substance collected by bees from tree ..
Royal Propolis Cream 60g
DescriptionPropolis is collected from various plants by bees. Propolis cream clarifies and purifies the acne-prone skin...
Lei Mei lanoline essence night cream
DescriptionSqualane accelerates the rate, depth, and extent of penetration of Placenta, Seaweed Extracts from the cream while it
Lei mei lanoline with placenta
DescriptionLanolin Cream with Placenta Extract and Vitamin E is enriched with natural emollients to moisturise and restore the skin
Lei Mei Super Lanoline Cream
DescriptionLanolin's ability to moisturize and condition the skin is legendary but now, using the latest techniques, Super Lanolin
Fairy Rose lotion 250ml
DescriptionNatures Care Fairy Rose Hand & Body Lotion has been specifically developed to offer your skin complete moisturisation...
Fairy Lavender Lotion 60ml
DescriptionNature’s Care Fairy Lavender Hand & Body Lotion has been developed to offer your skin total moisturisation in...
DescriptionIt contains natural skin whitening derivatives from Aloe(Aloesin), Bearberry(Arbutin) and Vitamin C(Ascorbyl Palmitate)
DescriptionThe skin around the contour of the eye is very soft and tender, the thickness of the epidermis is only 0.5mm, which is..
DescriptionA specially formulated product for the face that glides on easily while providing long hours of hydrating benefits to...