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Vitamore kid Omega3 Chewable


Omega 3 for kids and natural fish oil supplement is beneficial for brain and cognitive development. With daily intake, the Omega 3 for kids also assist with the development of the retina. The Vitamore Omega 3 Fish Oil for Kids is a Chewable spurtlet without any artificial flavourings, colours or presevatives. It has a great orange taste and is easy to swallow or chew. 

All Vitamore Fish oil are tested for Mercury, Pesticides and Heavy Metals to ensure that your kids are getting the purest high quality Omega 3 Fish Oil. 

Omega 3’s are very important for your child as the body cannot produce them and can only obtain them from the diet. The main dietary sources of Omega 3’s are cold water fish. Omega 3’s are necessary for:

- Intellectual or cognitive development (the ability to think, learn and remember).

- Normal brain development and for the maintenance of normal brain function throughout life.

- The apparent maintenance of mood.

- The development and maintenance of the retina of the eye.

- Development Support for Kids.

Recommended Dosage:

Children from 3 years: take 1-2 spurtlets per day.

Chew or swallow with or without food.

Can be taken 2 easy ways:

1. Chew & burst or

2. Twist tail & squirt onto favorite food.